Transfer Cage


  • Description

This transport crate for poultry is durable, well ventilated and economical. It is indicated for the transport of poultry to markets, farms etc.

It features a high capacity handling design to ease transport, without placing a compromise on safety.

Approximate capacity

  • 20 – 25 adult birds depending on their size.

The transport crate or cages are used for efficient transport of live birds.


It is made of high-density polyethylene material, thus durable to ensure the transport of adult poultry (chickens, ducks, and other similar sized birds).

Its sturdy access door is used to add and remove poultry from the crate. It also features a slide-latch system to restrict the opening of the crates/escape of caged birds. An open grid design used to construct the bottom, sides, and top provide ventilation during transport.


Features of the plastic poultry transport cage:

1).Transport cage chickens is specially designed to carry,move and transfer chicks easily from one
place to another.

2).Transport cage chickens suits many kinds of poultry,such aschicken, duck, rabbit, quail, goose,
turkey and so on.

3).Four grills dislocation design, can be together when not in use,easy to be disassembled; save a
space and the transportation cost

4).No deformation,good load-carrying properties,high corrosion resistance suitable for the long-distance

5).The pore at the bottom of the box can make the poultry avoid hurting, scraping and bruising, good
ventilation effect,

6).Load: Single-box could load more than 50kg and can fit about 10 – 12 pieces chicken. It could stack
9 – 10 layers during transport

7).Application: breeding farm, slaughter houses, transport contractors carrying live chickens, ducks,
rabbits, pigeons, pheasants and other live poultry.

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