Cooling Fan


Cooling Fan

Products Features:

1.Reasonable cone design,improve exhaust power.Large air volume,strong draft capacity,stable performance;The cone part,designed as a horn,maintenance-free.Don’t need to replace the belt for maintenance.

2.Imported bearing,high strength,lower noise,and long service life.

3.The air flow principle PVC shutter or aluminum blinds. Oxidation resistance,light weight,no deformation,flexible opening,and anti-air flow back.Don’t need electricity or manual switch for opening and closing.

4.6 pieces of plastic steel blades,no deformation,no broken,beautiful and durable.

5.Steady operation,power consumption:0.75 kilowatt per hour.

6.High efficient and energy-saving motor with CCC certificate, protection class: IP55, insulation class: F grade.

Priciple of negative pressure fan:

The negative pressure fan is designed according to the air convection and the principle of the negative pressure ventilation. The negative pressure fan is usually installed in poor ventilation places. When it is working, it will force out the stagnant hot-gas, peculiar smell and squalid smoke by the negative pressure rapidly in the shortest possible time. At the same time, fresh air will be supplied into the door quickly and flow circularly, so as to achieve the aim of ventilation and cooling and improve the workshop’s environment.

Product Applications:

1.Suitable for high temperature & smelly workshop: such as heat treatment plant, casting plant, plastics plant, aluminum factories, shoe factories, leather factory, electroplating plants, a variety of chemical plants.

2.Suitable for labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factories, all kinds of assembly workshops, cafes.

3.Suitable for greenhouse, livestock farms, poultry house.

4.Especially for the need to cool down and need some humidity locations. Such as cotton mills, woolen mills, jute mills, weaving plants, chemical plants, knitting factory, silk factory, hosiery and other textile mill

5.Suitable for warehousing logistics

6.Widely used in animal husbandry,greenhouse,industrial plants and other ventilation places,can effectively eliminate hot,smoke,waste gas,dust etc..


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